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Art Collection Of Brett Livingstone Strong

Artist Brett-Livingstone Strong belongs to that rare class of celebrity, the international art star. Speaking the language of our new global culture, Strong has displayed an unerring ability to capture the attention of the public at large, winning a fervent, vital market on an enormous scale. Unique to our mass media age, his level of success is characterized by broad fame and its attendant myth-making, a lifestyle enjoyed earlier in this century by Picasso, Dali, and Andy Warhol. Today, towards the height of his career, Brett-Livingstone Strong has become an ambassadorial spectacle of international goodwill, a painter, a sculptor and architect of monumental ideas.

Rowell Auctions is pleased to offer the following prints at absolute auction; Iris, Tulips, Rose, Orchids, Ayers Rock, Matterhorn, Monument Valley and many different sales posters of all.

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